Getting started


Welcome to the Dulas Academy. We created this training platform to serve as a single source of informative and educational content for the renewables sector. Within the Dulas Academy, we have included information and guidance from our highly-experienced team of renewables specialists, helping you extend your industry knowledge and gain a better understanding of how we can continue making positive change for people and planet.

General Navigation

The menu at the top of the website is accessible from all pages – you can return to the ‘Product Training’ or ‘CPD Learning’ home pages at any time.If you have any questions, please consult the FAQs section of this website, which contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions, designed to guide you towards an answer quickly.

If you need to contact Dulas’s UK team, you can click ‘Contact’ from the top menu bar.

You can access your account information by clicking ‘My Account’ in the top menu bar. We recommend that you remain logged in for ease of access. Your browser may give you the option to do so when logging in.

The Main Dulas website contains further information about our company and products. For easy access, you can click here in the top right corner.After scrolling down, you can return to the top of the page by clicking the arrow icon in the bottom right corner.

Finally, to return to the main home page, you can click on the Dulas Academy logo at any time.

Page Navigation

From the home screen, simply click onto the section that is relevant to you. If you are here to learn about installing or using Dulas products, hover over the ‘Product Training’ tile and click ‘Discover’ to get started.

If you would like to learn more about Renewables technology or recent industry news, navigate to the ‘CPD Learning’ tile and click ‘Discover’. You will then arrive at the home screen for your selection. For this video, we are viewing the ‘Product Training’ section.

Each course is displayed on a tile that looks like this. We have ordered the course tiles in our recommended order of completion, but you can complete some courses in any order. If you would like to only view courses relevant to your product, you can select the product title from this list, and the relevant courses will appear.

From the tile screen, you can work through the courses at your own pace. If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQs section in the first instance.

Course Navigation

Let’s take a quick look at how courses are displayed and how you can navigate your way through each section. Once you have clicked onto a course, you will see a screen that looks like this.

Here is the course title, followed by a progress bar. This displays how far you have got through this course, and when you last made progress.

Some courses have a ‘Useful information’ section, which contains downloadable PDF documents – User Manuals and Installation Guides, for example.

The course content is displayed below. From here, you can click into each lesson. If lessons are greyed out, it means that they are not yet available to complete – you may need to complete previous lessons before advancing further. Lessons you have completed are shown with a green tick.Simply click onto a lesson to get started. Lessons may contain videos, slide presentations, or instructional PDFs. Once you have finished each section, mark the lesson complete with this button. Then click ‘Next Lesson’ to advance to the next. You can return to the course at any time by clicking here.

At the end of some courses, there will be a short test. Once all lessons have been completed, and the course completion test passed with a satisfactory mark, you will receive a completion certificate via email.